Ease Stress and Anxiety and Have more Fun!

Smiles and laughter can relax the nervous system and lighten up our lives, even in challenging times, releasing our natural joy again.

Help Boost Connections

Smiles and Laughter help us connect with others and can put us at more ease in social situtations.

Help Feel More Alive, Healthy and Vibrant

Laughter has been shown to boost the immune system and happy hormones, promote sleep and encourages breathing, which can all help us to feel good. Yeh!

When and Where you Want

The videos will be available in your account and can be watched at any time of the day (or night!) on a computer or mobile. There is even an App you can download to access the whole course at the touch of a button, which saves your progress. Something to smile about : )

About the Smile and Laughter 35 day Journey

This course is a beautiful immersion in cultivating our smiles and laughter: specifically tailored to open our awareness and change our habits day by day. And it's super digestible, with just a short video a day in 5 weekly sections:

Week 1:

Cultivating Smiles and Joy

The first week puts our attention in our smile energy and the yummy feeling it creates inside and out. Learn about the Smile Torch and its settings and the beautiful variety of smiles you already have inside you. Week 1 is a beautiful and gentle start to turn our attention to joy.

Week 2: Our Natural Laughter

In week 2 we learn about the different flavours of laughter and bringing more awareness to what makes us laugh. And we start growing the opportunities in our life to laugh more and more. Yeah to that!

Week 3: Adding Tools to our Smile and Laughter Toolkit

How about there were some really simple things to build into your life that would mean you would smile and laugh more? Well, guess what? There are! And we look at some of these in this week.

Week 4: Opening our Hearts and Letting Go

Now we have 3 beautiful weeks up our sleeve, it's time to open our hearts more, have more fun and let go of things that get in the way of our natural smile and laughter energy. Enjoy!

Week 5: Building Habits for Life

This course is totally designed to last you a lifetime inside - allowing small changes to make a big difference to your perspective and choices around cultivating your natural smiles and laughter. This week we build those habits and shifts and celebrate your awesome achievement of turning our attention to joy and smiles. Yippee! Let's get our celebration hats on.

About your Smile and Laughter Guide: Annalouise

Annalouise is a certifed Happy for No Reason Trainer and Laughter Yoga Practitioner. She loves inviting people to connect more with their own wisdom and natural smiles, laughter and joy.  She provides regular invitations for people to come into deeper presence, connection and wonder.

Smiles and Laughter Come Naturally when we go back to our True Nature...

As adults we often forgot our natural joy and spontaneity. In Annalouise's Smile and Laugh More course you will be able to reconnect with the natural joy within and around you, helping you:

* Be happier

* Feel more grateful

* See the lighter side of life, even in tricky situations

* Reduce anxiety and stress

* Feel better in yourself

* Have more fun!

Get Lots of Health Benefits without even going to the Gym!

Smiling and Laughter has so much going for it - it boosts our immune system, helps our hearts and breathing, increases happy hormones, can improve sleep and lots more....

Includes Two Free Bonuses!

* Annalouise's 24 minute Inner Smile Meditation

* Annalouise's 8 minute Smile Supercharge Meditation

Value: Priceless!


What People Say...

''Annalouise captures a longing that gets brushed aside in the busy-ness and seriousness of life. The course (and Annalouise’s infectious smile) provide small examples that together teach us that big lesson - smile and laughter are not just good for your health; they create new opportunities." Jim McAuslan - Consultant in industrial relations

"Being on Anna's 'Smile and Laughter' course is like riding a giant wave of happiness"  Karen, Senior Medical Editor

"What the course is great for is reminding us that smiles and laughter is actually our birthright. Annalouise helps us see this birthright with infectious energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes since, I've been able to remind myself to simply smile and it's changed my whole day." Gareth, Business Consultant and Trainer

"In the last years I have been taking care of my very sick parents. Without knowing her, (sometimes you just have to take a leap without too much thinking) I signed in to her course. During 35 days she was there, with a lot of tools. To me it was good to become more aware of situations, or making them that I could laugh about. Or smile. It does change the energy, that's a fact. Yes, smiling, laughing is infectious. What I liked are the short videos which made me tune in everyday. English is not my native language, but no problem at all. I could understand everything." Salima, Year of Miracles Member

"She has lots of bite-size suggestions on surprising practices that could tip the scales of your day toward the cheerful, uplifting or just delicately smiley.  Anna shows off her goofy and playful side at times, so if I'm having a bad day, just watching a video can make me chuckle and lift my mood." Sarah, Hampshire

Special Limited Time Offer

- Full 5 Week Program, with 35 bitesize videos
- 2 Bonus Smile Meditations
- Pre and Post Course Quiz to see your changes

7 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

To suport us in these times, I am offering a special course price:
Total Price: £49 (Approx 67 USD, 83 CAD, 58 EUR)