Transform and Liberate

A 6 week 1-to-1 Personalised Program with Annalouise to free up your energy to live with more Clarity, Joy and Purpose

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Come into Clarity

We will access a deeper level of meaning and clarity for you in your life, so things flow from a greater truth.

Allowing the Potential

We will open up the field of possibility from that clarity to allow horizons to expand and possibility to bubble to the surface.

Experience the Joy

Feel the momentum and joy of witnessing your changes towards living in more alignment and inspiration.

"Annalouise is probably the most emotionally intelligent person I have met. Her ability to tune in and connect with my inner self, was uncanny. She somehow, (with deep trust, calm and determination), made it possible for me to unblock inhibitions and pursue things that I thought were out of my reach. As  a result I feel transformed and confident. She is, indeed, a catalyst to anone wanting change, to transform, or move on to another 'level'. She is intuitive and easy to communicate with. Thank you Annalouise."

Carol Nicoll

Director, The Language Factory Scotland

The Program:

A weekly one hour Zoom call with Annalouise:

Week 1: 

- Tuning into what's arising for you and feeling what is calling you at a deeper level

Benefits: Greater insight, clarity

Week 2:

- Giving space to what's calling and allowing any blocks to be held openly, without resistance

Benefits: Inspiration and Spaciousness

Week 3:

- Identifying which small steps can help unfold bigger changes

- Understanding how awareness can be used as a tool to support changes

Benefits: Empowerment, opening up possibility and joy.

Week 4: 

- Noticing what is unfolding and fine tuning the directions

- Creating momentum

Benefits: Reinforcement and satisfaction 

Week 5:

- Opening to more supportive changes and finding effortless steps into them

Benefits: Seeing the possibility of larger transformation and expanded horizons

Week 6:

- Noticing the changes that have taken place

- Building on the 6 weeks to create an ongoing foundation for transformation

Benefits: Believing in the potential, greater confidence, satisfaction and clear direction.

Between the calls it will be an important time for you to gain fresh insight and integrate the changes. We will uncover by the end of each call what wants to brought into greater awareness for that week.  Mid week I will invite you to have an email check in to help tune in and centre more deeply as changes unfold. 

This program is for those who know there are changes bubbling inside them but have felt blocked to unlock them as freely as they would wish for.

In this journey you will not only being held within the call times, I will also be allowing insight and inspiration to arise in me. When this arises in me, I will email you with suggestions to explore or tune in to so it becomes a continual and powerful unfolding during the 6 weeks.

Call times are flexible and will be arranged at a time that works for you.

I will be your sounding board, supporter and the holder of an unquestioning belief in the miraculous journey unfolding for you.

 Price for 6 week program, including all calls and emails:

£450 (approx $590)

 1 to 1 programs with Annalouise have limited availability.

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